Our very special collaboration with SisterWorks Inc. A not-for-profit social enterprise supporting migrant women with opportunities to become economically empowered. ⁠⁠We want to share the love, skill and energy goes into the production of our luxury leather collections.

We are here to help you make a DO IT YOURSELF duster bag.

Scroll down for a step by step guide to creating your own duster bag or to learn more about our collaboration with SisterWorks click below 


A sewing machine

Cotton fabric

Matching cotton thread

Brown craft paper

Draw string 





Step 1: Pattern Making 

Grab yourself a pencil, a ruler, some brown craft paper (pattern making paper) and a pair of scissors.

To begin you need to decide how big you would like your duster bag to be. Once you have decided on the size, lay your paper flat and begin using the ruler to mark out your rectangle onto the paper.

Once your rectangle is drawn, mark a line from side to side and one from top to bottom, this should form a cross like shape in the middle of your pattern. Mark the measurements on each axis. This ensures you can reuse the pattern later on and remember the duster bag size it makes.

You then want to make a 1.5 cm seam allowance around both sides and the bottom of the pattern leaving the top. For the top of the bag allow a 3.5 cm seam allowance in total. Mark the first 2 cm and the the 1.5 seam allowance to create the casing for the draw string. Once you are happy with your pattern cut it out following the seam allowance lines.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

In this step you are going to need your desired fabric.

Folding your fabric right sides together, making sure the fabric is laid flat. Begin pinning your pattern piece onto of the fabric. Ensure the pattern is laid strait along fabric grain. Using a pencil begin tracing your pattern onto the fabric.

You can begin cutting your fabric along the traced line. Once you have finished cutting, you should be left with two identical pieces of fabric reflecting your desired rectangle.


Once the fabric has been cut out, pin it along side and bottom edges making sure right sides are facing together. When pinning leave a 1.5cm margin as that is your seam allowance. Leave the 3.5 cm allowance on the top open to allow for the turnover.

Done with pinning? Ok, Take your sewing machine and set the stitch to a straight stitch. Sew both edges on the 1.5 cm mark keeping the top 3.5 cm open. Using a zig-zag stitch repeat on the edge. This is to stop any fraying.

Cut off any excess thread.

Step 4: Sewing Tunnel and Threading String

Fold the top 1.5cm over to the inside of the bag and then a second time with a 2cm fold. Pin the tunnel on the bottom. Sew the tunnel along the pins like you would a seam.

Once you have sewed the tunnel begin threading your cord trough…. a safety pin is a great way to navigate the thread through. Once you have completed the threading it is time to turn the duster bag inside-out and decorate it with your own logo.


It was a process but it certainly was worth it. Much like our duster bags we put a lot of effort and time into the designing and manufacturing our luxury leather clothing. These duster bags are a great way to protect your leather jackets and leather pants and ensure you get the most wears as possible, keeping them new forever.

Your DIY duster bag is so versatile. Although we create them to protect your stylish leather clothing they can be used as, shoe bags, washing bags, suitcase divider, an easy way to carry your goods… The list goes on. We hope you enjoy the endless possibilities your duster bag has to offer.

Made with Love,

West 14th & SisterWorks


Fill your duster bag with luxury leather clothing that is made to stand the test of time. These duster bags are sure to make your stylish leather West 14th pieces last a lifetime.

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