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We love the idea of our leather clothes having several lives.  West 14th items are created to be heirlooms that should be shared with your girlfriends – even saved for your daughters. From the very beginning, our approach to slow fashion and sustainability has been “Buy once, and Buy well!”


Along with creating leather essentials that are made to last a lifetime, we are looking at how we can care for our beautiful planet for many lifetimes. We are really excited about these sustainable changes, and hope you will be too!



You can now filter your product search by sustainable improvements!

The Spring Street Shearling Coat is made using fully recycled polyester sewing thread.

 Recycled Material

On our path to become more sustainable, we discovered these recycled materials that we could incorporate into our designs.

We’ve changed the sewing thread in our garments, so from now on, every new style is made using 100% recycled polyester thread.

We love our recycled zippers, they’re made from repurposed plastic water bottles – which means less plastics in our oceans!

The Park Avenue Pleat Skirt includes a zipper made of recycled polyester waste from water bottles.

 The New York Motor Jacket’s leather  is a by-product sourced from New Zealand. The “bubble” in the leather is a natural feature found only in lambskin leather from New Zealand.

 Local Sourcing

Sourcing and supporting local is very important to us. We have put a lot of thought, time and research into sourcing soft leather from hides that are a by-product (we don’t like waste).


We source our hides locally from Australia and New Zealand, and we continuously seek to increase local procurement.


We are very mindful of where our leather comes from and the journey it takes. It is important to us to trace this journey from tannery – and in some cases, from hide – to you.

The hide used for the Houston High Rise Legging is a by-product sourced from Australia. Since the beginning of West 14th, we have always used Australian hides as they are buttery soft and impeccably high quality.

The New Yorker Motor Jacket is tanned using Plant Based Tanning.

 Plant Based Tanning

We are passionate about researching and creating a sustainable fashion future.

Through increasing our sustainable measures, we discovered plant based tanning. The process is both eco-friendly and chemical-free, and involves using roots, barks, flowers, fruits, leaves, and twigs, to clean and dye the leather.


This way of tanning not only creates the beautiful burgundy coloured leather – unique to West 14th – but it also reduces the risk of contaminating our water supplies with chemicals.

The West Broadway Legging is semi-tanned using Plant Based Tanning.

 Zero Waste

Sometimes you just need to feel and see before you buy:


We created our ‘Request a swatch’ program as part of our zero-waste manufacturing strategy.

As you’ve read, we put a lot of effort, love and thought into the production process of your heirloom items.

We hate the idea of even a bit of buttery leather going to waste; so we gather the leather scraps from the production floor and repurpose them as fabric swatches.

‘Request a Swatch’

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