Warm Weather Leather

A styling guide


Leather isn’t just a winter essential item. Pull out your leather garments as the weather warms up, and we’ll show you 8 ways to style outfits that transcend the seasons.


Sharing our curation of the timeless staples to wear on repeat as the temperatures warm up.

1. Pair a leather skirt with a classic white tee for that effortless “I just threw this together” chic look. A leather skirt doesn’t just have to be a winter statement piece.

2. Cropped leather pants, need I say more? I don’t, but I will. Perfect for spring/summer everyday wear and even more perfect with heels and a blouse for work.

3. Reach for your leather jacket before going out! It will keep you warm on those cooler evenings and means you can wear that cute summer dress even when the sun’s gone down.

4. Style a flowy summer shirt with your leather leggings for an edgier everyday look.

5. Who said layering was just for winter? Layering is a major style trend and a great way to emphasise your silhouette. Try tying your leather jacket around your waist to create that hourglass shape we all desire.

Our Warm Weather Uniform Picks

6. Add a vest. I know it may not be your first thought, but a leather vest can be worn over any spring/summer outfit! It adds edge to your look, but doesn’t weigh you down like a jacket.

7. Create an edgy warm weather look by adding a leather belt. This will also make your outfit look styled and finished.

8. Still not sure how to include leather in your warm weather wardrobe? Try incorporating the trend by simply adding a leather backpack. Functional and fashionable!

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