Style by Megan x West 14th

Style by Megan x West 14th

Introducing a special collaboration with the founder of Style by Megan.

Megan Love is an experienced human resources professional and personal stylist based in Melbourne, Australia. Guiding her clients to find their personal style, where they feel confident and comfortable every day perfectly aligns with our philosophy to dressing the #womenofwest14th.

We know leather is a core wardrobe piece for many women, holding characteristics of quality, versatility and timelessness. Megan Love demonstrates how leather can proudly be worn time and time again.

Scroll down to read Megan’s tips on how to style a capsule collection of West 14th leather essentials

“Personally for me a wardrobe staple does include leather and what attracted me to the brand is that they produce in small quantities, create limited edition products and are encouraging the slow fashion movement, that is gaining strength”

Paddington Drape Leather Jacket

The Jacket:

Transform this designer leather jacket into a wardrobe staple with endless styling options worn to all your occasions. The Paddington Drape Jacket creates structure, looks beautiful and is a truely versatile jacket.

“The detailing is exquisite and the cross stitch lace up on the sleeve and the side body was the perfect finishing touch. This would absolutely be my wear with everything jacket.” – Megan Love 

Styling tip No.1: You can style this leather jacket with active wear…..  a great way to elevate a casual look.

Styling tip No. 2: Elevated your work style by pairing a leather jacket with simple pencil skirt & The Long Island Belt. “this look is not limited to an office it would absolutely work for a night out as well and would look amazing with knee length boots.” #bossbabe

Styling tip No.3: “High rise denim jeans, a singlet or tee and a leather jacket”. Trusty as it may be, Megan shows the versatility of this look. It can be “worn with heels, although more likely to be in street style runners on any given day”.

Soho Slouch Trench

The Trench:

The Soho Slouch Leather Trench is something a little more unique. The bottlebrush green leather is a timeless addition to your wardrobe and a seasonless neutral shade that can be styled with everything.

“It was divine, beautiful soft leather and easy to style.” – Megan Love

Styling tip No.1: Style Soho Slouch Leather Trench like a dress. It can be transformed from “work appropriate or heading out on the town, when the jacket remains on”. Paired with The Houston High Rise Legging. Megan’s styling tip is to not “be afraid to mix leather and leather together, we have broken up the look by the different colour tones and textures”.

Styling tip No.2: Keeping it casual. Denim jeans and a classic white shirt is always the go to. Megans styling tips shows how The Soho Slouch Leather Trench it can be worn “closed and belted, open and belted, open and belted at the back or draped over the shoulders versus being worn traditionally”.

“Finding brands you can trust, that produce quality fashion is key to me and to my clients.”

The Skirt:

The Park Avenue Pleated Skirt is not just for special occasions! This designer leather skirt can be worn every day alternating between a masculine and feminine style or dressed up or worn casually.

“It skimmed across the body in my favourite length being midi, very lightweight which makes it ideal for all seasons.” – Megan Love

Styling tip No.1: Perfect for a Victorian winter, “paired back with The Paddington Drape Jacket and paired with boots, easy to add tights if you need another layer”.

Styling tip No.2: Styled with the West 14th Bondi or NYC tee and street runners. “I have tied the tee at the back although can easily be tucked or worn out and belted”.

Styling tip No.3: A professional style, this look shows “the versatility of the skirt by wearing a long sleeve tee and a scarf cinched in around the waist with the Long Island Extra Long Belt. This belt can be worn so many different ways and works with all body shapes”.

The Pant:

The Houston High Rise Skinny is our iconic skinny fit leather pant and feels like second skin in signature perfect-recovery stretch leather.

“Leather pants are not just for a special occasion – treat them like a pair of jeans, easy to wear on high rotation.” – Megan Love

Styling tip No.1: Wear to work with a structured blazer. “You could have the top underneath longer if you want greater coverage down the body.”

Styling tip No.2: Keep things casual with a singlet and oversized coat. “you could easily belt the coat if you want to create a cinched in waist and more structure, paired with boots keeping that winter style.”

“Think about those core wardrobe pieces you can proudly wear time and time again as they are classic and never date and even better are pure quality so they last.”

Styling & Words by

Megan Love 

Photos by

Indie Lane Photography


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