Skin Free Suede

A sustainable solution for the eco-conscious customer without forfeiting on quality & design.

We are proud to introduce 100% vegan suede that is animal and environmentally friendly, washable and stretch proof.

Developed in Japan using advanced fiber technologies, our skin free suede uses a blend of recycled and plant-based polymers to create a new and improved supremely lightweight suede.

Skin Free Suede has the soft texture and feel of premium suede with extraordinary benefits, such as the ability to machine-wash your jacket and longevity in maintaining its original colour even with age and wear.

Vegan Suede is highly resistance to stretching and shrinking, which allows you that snug personalised fit from first to last wear.

It’s supremely lightweight and beautifully soft to allow the drape and look of real suede, which works perfecting with our signature feminine and flattering shapes.

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