Future Vintage

How we future proof our range.

Come on this journey with us as we show you how we future proof our leather, so that you can feel confident that you’re investing in timeless pieces. 

Timeless Colours

Firstly, we develop colours that get better with time and wear – allowing you to invest in pieces that are seasonless and timeless. 


Inspired by the wine variety from local Australian vineyards we created this classic shade of Shiraz. This supple burgundy tone was applied to a variety of leather jackets, pants and skirts, to create a capsule of future vintage styles.

Plant Based Tanning

We use sustainable practices to mature the leather into that repeatedly worn look with time. This is done through an environmentally friendly process known as vegetable tanning. The leather is cleaned and prepared using natural elements from the earth, such as twigs, bark and flowers.

Australian Shiraz Inspired Pieces

Sourcing Locally

We trace the journey of our leathers from tannery to customer and have increased our local sourcing in Australia and New Zealand this season. Our stretch leather pants use supple leather hides from Australia to create that great stretch and recovery.

Recycled Details

Every style made in 2020 onwards is sewn with 100% recycled polyester thread. Select styles in our 2020 onwards range are made using Nation Recycled Zippers by YKK Corporation. 

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