Find Your Perfect Match: Pant Edition

A West 14th Pant Fit Guide


The second skin goodness of our stretch leather is the magic behind our leather pants that are coveted season after season.


With so many different styles to choose from, which West 14th pant is right for you? Follow this fit guide to find your soulmate leather pants.



Firstly, let’s start with the fit.

Looking for a tight and slim fit, and favour the look & design of a legging, try the very-popular West Broadway Legging or right newest release with a higher rise, West Broadway High Rise Legging.

If a ‘skinny jean’ fit is more your speed, go for The Houston Legging . If you are looking for a little bit of room in the leg try The Stanton Straight Leg 

If you are a looser, more relaxed fit gal – but not a wide leg –  The Bondi Slouch Pant and The Downtown Track Pant 

are your go-to.

If you want to blend these for a fitted style with comfort and more room in the leg, we recommend The Grove Pant.



Once you’ve decided on your ideal fit and length, it’s time to choose your rise. It’s personal. We get it. All women are created differently so take you time to decide the rise to suit your body shape.

Here’s our 2-cents on rises and navigating this next step.

For some women with shorter torso a low rise or mid rise could be the right height for ultimate comfort. Our recommendation for a low rise pant is The West Broadway Legging or try The Bondi Pant for a low to mid rise.

Alternatively, if you have a longer torso, you may want to opt for a high rise; we suggest The Grove Pant or The Houston Legging.

If you’re still unsure, opt for a rise you can control such as the Downtown Track Pant or The Bondi Pant.




As a first time leather pants purchaser,  I want ones that have a bit of stretch, which do you recommend?

All our leather pants are made with a stretch leather to provide the best second skin fit possible. We use an advanced technique to bond stretchy fabric with our signature soft leather. The result is dynamic stretchy leather that moves with you. Think your favourite jeans, but in leather.


I am between sizes, should I size up or down?

Always size down in our pants when between sizes. Leather gives about a half size over the lifetime of wear, and stretch leather will immediately give from your first outing. We recommend a tight fit from first wear, so the pants can give to a snug fit. If you select a perfect fit at try on then they may give to much and lose the look you wanted if a skinny leg.


Is there much give to the leather? Will it be tight when I first get it?

Yes, leather gives about a half a size over the lifetime of wear.  The technology we use to develop this leather is high tech! It’s gives and stretches with you and recovers. The recovery is important as you want to avoid over stretched knees. For leather leggings and skinny pants, yes you want them to be be tight from first year so then can ‘give’ and shape to your body.


I’m short, which West 14th pants would be best for me?

Some of our leather pants have raw finishes leg openings, meaning you can cut them to your desired length, such as the West Broadway Legging. An amazing classic legging that can be modified to suit your own height.


I’m tall, which West 14th pants would be best for me?

Everything! Fortunately with long legs you create the sexy ankle cleavage. Honestly a peak of skin between your ankle boot and pants is relevant style options for years.




Did you see a style pattern emerging?

Keep gravitating back to the same leather pants?

We think you’ve found your leather soulmate!

Still not sure which pant is your perfect match?

We are more than happy to provide advice and fitting comments. Contact us via service@w14th.com, DM, or give us a call on +61 2 8937 0661.

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