Our purpose is to bring unimaginable joy to the women wearing us.

We cultivate this feeling in our new collection.



Beautifully crafted, each new design is stripped-back commanding attention with indulgently cosy silhouettes, exaggerated hems, and uncompromising softness.

From a sumptuously made in Europe feather napa leather to naturally coloured leather developed by us. We incorporate dead fabrics, up-cycle leather offcuts and sustainably sourced recycled materials to create comfy, slouchy and timeless wardrobe staples.

Grounded in a seducing colour palette to covet for years.

The Design Process

“We dream up our collections nearly a year before you purchase them. It starts with a trip to tanneries, reviewing new techniques and innovations, touching leathers, selecting colours and then, more leathers! Only then do we start to design. It’s a totally immersive experience.

But designing during a start of a global pandemic presented many new challenges, not just to the supply chain, but to the travel, the inspiration and the outlook. We had to ask ourselves, “where we will be on the other side of this?”

In a moment where we were all asked to stay indoors, the only comfort I could find was outdoors. I was dreaming of the outside world now suddenly cut off from me.

And so my creative flow began using these principles as the anchor to source and design. I was dreaming of luscious green forests and vast rejuvenated bushland. I found solitude in the deepest and darkest shades of moss and forest greens. Loving the concept of a fully tonal forest suit and the layering these deep greens with intricate surface textures of sumptuous shearlings, feather weights and smooth finishes. These specific tones represent the quietude found in nature when the world feels like chaos. A real reckoning moment of slowing down, feeling grounded, peaceful, and looking toward the future.

We want our women to feel comfortable yet stylish, and proud in their mindful choices to wear our styles. Pieces that work perfectly for an intimate dinner party at home today, the board meeting tomorrow or that great trip planned in the future.  When our women look in the mirror to admire themselves in their new leather essentials or close their eyes to escape stylishly into the wilderness of places they can’t currently travel to, we want them to feel a sense of extreme joy.”

Violeta, Founder & Creative Director

Perfect fits, buttery leather, the latest in sustainable leather innovation.



STYLIST Charlotte Stokes

MODEL  Ajok Marial

MODEL  Sophie McFadden



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