Bushfire Fundraising

Message from our founder:

I have no words to describe the current bush fire crisis in Australia. We have all seen the devastating images of this beautiful country burning. The lose of lives to communities, the heroic firefighters, our wildlife, the eco systems and properties are not fathomable. The public’s unselfish leap to help and drive awareness of this catastrophe to the global stage is want makes the spirt of Australia a reason I chose to call it home for the last 10+ years.
It’s time for action and change by all of us.
I have made a donation to the Wires Wildlife Rescue as to hear upwards of 800 Million animals being affected by this catastrophe…… is just not believable in 2020!
 I have listed some of the available and noteworthy causes to consider a small donation if financially available to you. Also below are other ways we can help our community and country in the future. My personal next step is writing my local MP.

Graphic artwork created by artist @thuie

Created by @lignestudio.co

Thank you, thank you to our wonderful community for buying a piece of West 14th between the 7th to 14th January 2020. We donated 10% of online sales to @wireswildliferescue to support the recovery & protection of our wildlife affective by the catastrophic bushfires.

Change is coming and it starts with us.
x Violeta & The West 14th Team
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