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Luxe Gift Guide

What should you get for the beloved but fashionable, fancy, practical or eccentric women in your life?

With a wide range of gift ideas in five categories and even some of your favourite styles, this guide will make the process just a little bit easier.

We’ve curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list with our luxury leather staples.

The Fashion Icon

These stylish and timeless gifts will cover their needs for well-made, seasonless and versatile pieces that they can use all year. The best wardrobe addition that you can make to a lover of fashion.

The Future Heirloom

If you are looking for a consciously-minded  item to cherish for a long time, a timeless design and endless versatility that transcend dress codes, trends and styles, we have some ideas for you.

The Untamed Spirit

Whether she’s traversing the country by car or the world by plane, these gifts will add pizazz and practicality to their trips around the global and locally.

The Secret Santa

Is it better to give something useful or something playful?

 There is no right answer and why our Luxe Gift Guide includes Secret Santa suggestions at both ends of the spectrum.

The Sun Chaser

Someone whose favourite way to spend the afternoon is with sunset drinks at an oceanfront property or at the beach we have some gift ideas for you.

Do you want everything on this list for yourself?

Answer: YES

You can send them a “Drop a Hint” message with all the styles saved in your wish-list and let your friends and family know what you want this season.

We hope our gift-giving guide has helped find your ideal gift for that special person this holiday season.

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