How to spot quality leather

All leathers aren’t created equal

An authentic leather jacket is the epitome of an investment piece, the ultimate ‘buy now, wear forever’ item. Few things are better (as far as fashion goes, at least) than the feel of a buttery smooth leather jacket that slides on like a second skin and fits you like a glove.

Think about what you love most about your cherished leather pieces: the cut? The style? The finish? How your leather feels is just as important as how it looks – the quality of the leather doesn’t only determine how well your jacket (or dress, leggings or skirt) sits on the body, but just how long it will last for.

Greenwich Street Motor Jacket Hazelnut Leather

The most beautiful leathers age like good wine (and men, come to think of it): they just keep getting better. High quality leather becomes softer and suppler the more you wear it, moulding to your shape and designed to last a lifetime. That rich leathery aroma alone is enough to send us weak at the knees.

But poor quality leather? Think shiny, stiff and thick, uncomfortable to wear and easy to crack. And if it doesn’t smell like leather – it isn’t. Poor quality and imitation leathers have an arid, plastic, chemical-laden whiff about them that you don’t want anywhere near your wardrobe.

 Greenwich Street Motor Jacket Black Leather

We source our leathers from specialists across the globe: our distressed goat leather hails from India, irresistibly smooth drum dye leather from China and supple cowhide leather from Japan. Each leather is chosen with particular designs in mind and all are bought exclusively from authorised dealers.

The take-home? Quality leather jackets aren’t just solid investments – they’re modern heirlooms. Choose wisely, and wear forever.