How to select the right jacket for your body type

The F word – fit – can be the most difficult part of finding a leather jacket you can have now, wear forever. You want to throw it on and instantly feel right – not have to convince yourself that it works from certain angles.

The bottom line is this: unless it fits you perfectly, you’ll never wear it. But what constitutes the perfect fit?

West 14th Greenwich Street Motor Jacket Black Leather


Small frames can afford to have fun with slouchy, oversized designs, but if you’re looking for that dream moto jacket, pay attention to the shoulders and under arms. You want a design that fits you perfectly on the shoulders, without overhang, and a good amount of fabric under the arms – not so much that the bulk overwhelms you; not so little that you can’t move freely.

Button up styles reminiscent of denim jackets are easy to wear and won’t swamp a small frame – or add unwanted bulk to a bigger one. Pop the collar for a hit of casual cool.

West 14th Brooklyn Denim Jacket Black Leather


If you’re straight up and down, a shorter style will give the illusion of shape at the waist, as will a longline trench design that you can cinch in with a belt. You can wear cropped or longer silhouettes that graze the hips – go for a shorter length if you like to wear leather with dresses and skirts; longer if you know you’ll be teaming yours with trousers.

West 14th Washington Trench Black Leather


Aim for collarless designs that offer a sleek, streamlined look, and avoid ones with oversized lapels. You can pull off the classic moto jacket with ease – just look for a fit that’s perfect for your shape, without unnecessary fabric, and a design that closes in either at or just below the waist to accentuate the narrowest

Park Slope Quilted Motor Jacket